Mr Divert is an easy-to-use intelligent platform for busy restaurateurs

The platform integrates online orders from multiple​ ​food delivery aggregators into restaurants POS to seamlessly manage their delivery operations

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Orders From Multiple Food Delivery Apps

Consolidate all your food delivery apps onto a single device. Receive all online orders in one place and let Mr. Divert do the rest removing all errors.

Centralized Dashboard

Operate with confidence knowing that you can access all sales and operations insights in one place so you can better manage your efficiency. Review detailed reports and use our advanced analytics tool to review your sales and operation strategies.

Request drivers for your order

We have integrated our platform with multiple 3PL companies. Receive orders directly from your customers and synchronize with drivers near to your restaurant location to have error-free and on-time deliveries to your customers every time.

Virtual Account Manager concept for your restaurant

Our virtual account manager is an advanced automated tool that helps restaurants with everything related to our products & services. The account manager can also help in creating strategies and promotion on how to generate revenue and improve number of orders on different aggregators.

Automated Menu Management

Restaurants can manage their menus on different delivery apps for its multiple branches or brands all in one place with Mr Divert's automated menu management feature. The restauranteur can update all menus across all platforms quick and easy with one click.

Scale Your Ghost Kitchen

With detailed sales analytics about your online orders, understand and scale your business as orders increase—without requiring additional investment.

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